Con DFW Schedule

So, today is the first day of Con DFW. Sorry I'm late posting my schedule. George, the sea monster[1] in my head, kind of took up my focus. It happens.'s my schedule for this weekend.

Saturday, 11am: Lawrence M. Schoen, Stina Leicht

Saturday, 1pm: Martha Wells, Stina Leicht, K. B. Bogen

Saturday, 6pm: Choose your Destiny: Researching Alternate History
Panelists: Shanna Swendson (M), Jeremy Brett, Julie Barrett, Stina Leicht, Jeff Dawson
If you are preparing to write an alternate history, you need to choose what portion of history to write from. For instance, are you using time travel to alter the assassination of Julius Caesar? Then you need to know Roman culture and the Roman Republic. Want to see what happened if Normandy failed? Then you need to know World War II battles and the coasts of France. Research is key, and our history buffs tell you what you need to look at to get that time period just right.

Sunday, 11am: Researching the Technology Tree
Panelists: Tex Thompson (M), Scott A. Cupp, S. Boyd Taylor, Larry Atchley Jr., Stina Leicht
The Technology Tree is the path that humans take to find out technology. In other words, you need to learn how to make steel before you can make really good swords. Guns won’t fire if you haven’t learned the recipe for gunpowder – and that’s before learning the difference between corned powder and serpentine powder. Where in the technology tree is your world? How do you find out? Our alternate history experts talk about this and more.

Sunday, 1pm: Interstellar Archaeology: Part Two – The Debunking
Panelists: Mel White (M), Chris Donahue, Gloria Oliver, Teresa Patterson, David Doub, Stina Leicht
The second of two panels where we inflict discover startling artifacts of OBVIOUS alien origin. Our experts tell us how wrong the previous esteemed panelists were! Last year, Sunday’s panel thoroughly debunked Friday’s experts. Help us, they can! Confuse us, they will not.

Sunday, 3pm: Intelligence is Overrated
Panelists: Julie Barrett (M), Seanan McGuire, Paul Black, Stina Leicht, Teresa Patterson
Let’s face it: not everyone is as smart as Sherlock Holmes. If you’re not careful, your hero will have the same intelligence as you because you simply can’t think any other way. So how do you write those convoluted plans, or have your hero think in ways you never could? Our experts talk about their various methods of madness while writing.

Hopefully, I'll see you there.
[1] No results yet. But since the migraines haven't stopped I figure it's more fun to talk about them as a sea monster. Migraines are so dull. :) I predict that when the lab coats study the scan they still won't know what's wrong, but at least we'll have ruled out brain tumor. 
Thanks! The first night of the con was nice, and George didn't show up until 30 minutes ago. He's gone already. Yay! Good sea monster. :)