Getting My Head Examined

I've been having occular migraines for four five days straight. No real pain. Just some pressure, and the world's most boring acid flashbacks. Thus, the highlight of my day will be all about lying down with my head in a loud, clanking box. This should be interesting. I've never had an MRI before. I've never seen the inside of my skull (via x-ray) either. Writer Brain thinks this will be an interesting science experience because Writer Brain thinks anything new is a great source for story. It isn't wrong. It's just a weird reaction and probably not normal. Anyway, here's my sketch of today's featured events:

In related to this post news: I think I'm getting the hang of sketching on my iPad, finally. I like it! I'm using Procreate combined with Photoshop. That took a hell of a lot less time than the daisy and bee sketch did. Of course, it's less complicated. Still, I think I'll keep doodling. It's fun, and I've missed it so much.

Small rant: my morning (and yesterday afternoon) was eaten by insurance company loop de loops. I get that paperwork needs to be filed. I get that they need to be sure that the patient is getting required care. But two days of intense bullshit over a 'wrong birthdate' which was corrected quite a while ago? Also, the super sekret phone number that the doctor's office didn't have access to but the radiologist did was a dick move, United Healthcare. I know you guys are upset about Obamacare going through against your will,[1] but that train left the station. Stop while you're ahead. Repeat after me, Insurance companies should not be practicing medicine.

I hope your Friday is more fun and less expensive than mine.
[1] Don't deny it. I've documented the $30 generic asthma pills that overnight became the $80 generic asthma pills which in turn (after a few irate phone calls) became the $10 generic asthma pills--all within the span of two weeks. This was strangely timed with the initial implimentation of Obamacare. You know, that legislation that you claimed would make everything more expensive for everyone because 'government.' I felt sorry for anyone without the persistance and force of will to scream repeatedly into the phone. Database screw up, my ass.
I'm very glad you have the fortitude to face down the Insurance companies. I want apologise if something I said on Twitter offended you. I'm dealing with a health mess - not insurance related, than heaven, but stressful non-the-less. The short and the longer of it is as follows.

Yesterday morning after a difficult night, I woke with pain on my right side, about where my esophagus is, so I took one of the tablets I have been prescribed for the intestinal pain I have been having from ALL the pills I have to because of the recent heart attack. That didn't really help and I became more and more dizzy.

I called my doctor who sent her nurse to pick me up and at her office I had an EKG which showed a highly irregular heartbeat - arrhythmia. My heart was beating far too fast for its own good.So off to the hospital I went, again taxied by the wonderful Riina. All of yesterday they tried to slow it down with intravenous medication.

However, by this morning there was little improvement, so it was decided to shock it back into its correct rhythm - just like on TV, with the paddles and all. That worked and now several hours later, I'm home, weak as a baby (from lack of food) - writing this with fast disappearing grilled ham and cheese to hand.

Sadly the prognosis is that this can and probably will happen again if I don't lower the stress levels in my life. As that can't happen, I'm not optimistic about how this will play out. The good news is that the medications (expensive as they may be) are working and my blood pressure is lower than it's been for years.
i'm so sorry. i just figured you had something going on. here's hoping it all sorts itself out for the better soon.
If you don't have claustrophobia like me, you'll ace your MRI and maybe you'll even get an open sided MRI! Good luck!
got an open-sided MRI, a nice lavender sachet, ear plugs, and a helmet with wide openings. it only got sketchy once for an instant, but i closed my eyes and then the inner wall of the machine decided to respect my personal space. ;) in 24 hours we'll find out if my head contains bees, sea monsters, or plain old brain meats...

of course i asked for a copy. come on! who wouldn't?!
alas! I had hopes of sharing a funny brain scan image with you, and cannot as the internet ate it after UseNet slunk off into the mist.

It was Caesar's brain, run by voles, in a well drawn cutaway, vaguely of this style of cutaway:

this is sheilagh on too little sleep and missing LJ.

I hope that the scans are informative and that you find a clear path out of migrainey hindrances!