Feminist Monday

Good morning, y'all. Reading for some of that bitter brew to stir up that blood pressure? No, I don't mean coffee. ;)

Today's video: Melanie Mark makes a traditional entrance after winning her East Vancouver by election.

Literature/Entertainment: Farm Kid Writes Home After Joining The Marines. Why You Might Be a Witch by Theodora Goss. For those wondering why having naked women on the covers of professional periodicals is a fucking problem, we have this: Sexualized environment. Yes, I understand the distinction between fine art nudes and shlock SF porn. No, I do not think it's funny when a passive-aggressive individual decides to use a piece of fine art to troll 50% of a professional organization's membership. That's not a fuzzy line. That's the definition of harrassment. Erin Pike Performs Only the Women’s Parts from the Most-Produced Plays in America, and It’s Brilliant. Slivers of Science in Homer's 'The Odyssey.' I don't know what to make of the name in this next link--it feels icky to me, but it's not up to me to make that call. Still, the photos are cool as shit. So, I'm linking it anyway. ‘THE GHETTO TAROT’: HAITIAN ARTISTS TRANSFORM CLASSIC TAROT DECK INTO STUNNING REAL LIFE SCENES. The exact moment ‘Suicide Squad’ fails Harley Quinn is in the new trailer. A Brief Analysis of the Locus Recommended Reading List, 2011-2015. If White Characters Were Described Like People Of Color In Literature. IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Was Hired by Mattel to Be a Real-Life Barbie. Stolen Kiss During WWE Divas Match Showcases Disrespect to Women Athletes. Three cheers for misogyny: why the world can't handle Susan Sarandon and her 69-year-old cleavage. Ain't Nothing But Ladies on the Cover of Vanity Fair's Annual Hollywood Issue. EDIT: I don't watch the SuperBowl but now I wish I hadn't missed this: Beyoncé Announces a Initiative for the Children of Flint.

General: Because racism. Melissa Harris-Perry narrowly escaped being attacked last night at an Iowa hotel during caucuses. Why wasn't more fuss kicked up about that? It's terrifying. Why aren't candidates who foment violence with Hate Speech held accountable or at least removed from the political race? Oh, right. Because racism. CHICAGO OFFICER SUES ESTATE OF TEEN HE SHOT, CLAIMING TRAUMA. WHAT the EVER FUCK? I can't even. Why should I be shocked after hearing about the arrestee that was charged a cleaners fee for getting blood on the uniform of the cop that beat the shit out of him? What My White, Heterosexual, Educated, First World Privilege is Teaching Me About Empowerment. All the terrible things Hillary Clinton has done — in one big list. You know who is making me think I should vote for Hillary? Openly misogynist BernieBros. That's who. Me? I was hoping that since we have two strong Dem candidates that this was our Pres/VP set up, right there. BOOM! I still hope that. It's the Party's smartest play, frankly. So, FFS, get it in your head WE WIN EITHER WAY. And stop the ignorance. Now. Please. Regarding this next one...FFS, people have basic needs. Going to the bathroom shouldn't result in this kind of bullshit. Either provide a gender neutral, single serve bathroom, or let people use the restroom in whichever one they feel they belong. School suspends trans boy for using boys’ restroom — after girls complained he was using theirs. I have to say, I've never had a problem with sharing a restroom with a transgender person. Ever. You know who I feel unsafe sharing a bathroom with? Straight CIS males. You know why? This entire weekly column is why. In the Safe Spaces on Campus, No Jews Allowed. Remarkable Photos Of An Elderly Love Triangle Will Challenge Your Perception Of Relationships. Dumb-ass stuff we need to stop saying to Dads. Police officer awarded $15 million after being savagely beaten by cops at his daughter's birthday party. This is progress. Here's hoping that more of the ridiculous borders for Congressional districts in the US are repealed. (I'm thinking of you, Texas.) 3-Judge Federal Court Strikes Down 2 North Carolina Congressional Districts as Racial Gerrymanders. And just so we're clear that this kind of racism isn't an American only thing: Sarah Reed: A Black Woman Victim of Vicious Police Assault Found Dead in Her Cell. In Hopes Of Retaining Women, The Military Will Offer To Freeze Their Eggs. And Problems with Pre-Pregnancy showcases my entire reaction to those panicked "Potential baby-makers should never even LOOK at alcohol!!!! Let alone SMELL IT!!" signs in American bars and restaurants. I vote we stop that bullshit now. Scientists have discovered what causes Resting Bitch Face. Let the world know that Texans support access to abortion and support each other’s decision to have an abortion.

Trigger Warning: So that settles it then – everyone’s to blame except Julian Assange. Syrian refugee women in Lebanon face heightened risk of exploitation and sexual harassment. Baylor faces accusations of ignoring sex assault victims. Ex-BU football player gets 20 years in sexual assaults
The Sarah Reed case is awful: she faced discrimination on multiple axes, because there are significant problems in this country not only with racially-motivated abuse of those in custody but also abuse of those with mental health challenges. It's getting a fair amount of coverage here, which is something, but it should never have happened.
I've had the "Dumb-ass stuff" link sent to me like four or five times now.
*shrug* I get only a fraction of that stuff that Janni does, which drives her batty. Both that she gets it and the assumptions that I'm not a fully competent and engaged parent.

My reaction when I see/hear it is "Way to re-enforce the patriarchy, assuming men can't man up."

i get the feeling that if dane and i were parents, i'd be in the same near-constant state of "GRRRR."