This morning I caught this article on, This Is How Much the Koch Brothers Hate Donald Trump. It was an interesting take on what is going on in GOP circles. It's also extremely telling. Here is a political magazine drawing attention to two very wealthy men openly discussing buying the American political process, and no one is even blinking. If anything points to Citizen's United having been a travesty, that's it. 
This is a frightening article (I read the whole thing at Vainity Fair) especially the ending I mean the point should be that two rich men are buying the election NOT that's it is hard for them. I mean wtf they are discussing buying the election with a journalist and nobody finds that at least a bit problematic?
And of course they just do it out the goodness of their hearts and don't want anything in return like maybe even more tax refunds for the rich. What could possibly go wrong?
exactly. i was stunned. the fact that the article itself isn't bringing this up as a potential problem is jaw dropping. i mean, it's implied. sure. but still...