My Life as a Foodie

So, today was spent snuggled up by the fire pit with blankie, coffee, and iPad+keyboard. The weather went from cool and sunny to cool and misty. Folks go on about the rain in Seattle but that's not what I've come to think of rain. In Texas, it doesn't mist like this. It comes down in torrents. This makes it totally feasible to sit outside on the porch while it rains. Which is what I did. I got in another 1200 words on the story-in-progress about the Austin bar. I keep running into people at just the right time who've worked in bars. It's been pretty nice to have so much access to research without really trying. Thus, I've been writing like mad. The story is almost done... almost. I'm in the final stretch now. Am waiting for my subconcious to catch up now. (It usually fills in the corners as I go along.) So, yeah. That was today. This was followed up with another adventure.

Shelly Rae Clift and I went to a restaurant named Purple. We had a great red wine (grenache,) calamari, halibut, spinach, new potatoes, English peas, and a lemon tart with blood orange slices for dessert. The conversation was equally as wonderful. (As is usual.) I think I'm slowly turning into a Foodie or something. So much AMAZING FOOD! :) Tomorrow, I think I'm heading off to the Science Fiction Museum as I've never been there when it's actually been open. 
HURRAY for FOODIES - just as long as you don't turn into a Food Snob. There's a special level of Hell for reserved for recipe writers that specify a branded ingredient or a specific (always hard to source and more expensive) variety of a fruit or vegetable.

For the record, I worked: behind the bar and cooking, in several London pubs, so if your other friends run out of answers, I might be able to help.
Niiice! See? More and more information crops up. Although, at this point there's more information than I can use in the story. That said, thanks so much! I'll remember this next time. :)
I love Purple! Yummy wine and plates.

(Oh, and torrential rain is pretty unusual and mostly happens in winter, though we had a very brief downpour earlier today. More often we get that stuff where the water sort of hangs in the air. We get more days of rain than a lot of other places, but less precip volume-wise.)

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