So... My First Day of Holiday

Last night, I ate oysters for the first time ever. You know what? I liked them! Of course, I also had salmon--because I love salmon and this is Seattle. We also had some very nice red wine. I've come to the conclusion that if it's a decent red, I'm probably going to like it. It certainly likes me. ;)

Today's partner in crime--er Adventure was Liz Argall. (If you're unfamiliar with her work, you should definitely look her up. She's an amazing writer.) We went for a walk around her new neighborhood, ate lunch in an Italian sandwich place (which was amazing,) shopped in a small bookstore[1], and drank the best hard cider ever brewed in the U.S.A. while writing in front of a fire. That was my day, bats and ghouls. Seattle is one of those places for which I have an affinity. The trees, the seafood, the boats, the water, the mountains... it has everything I love, including the moss. It also has coffee (OMG coffee) all these little bookshops too--NEW books bookshops. I'm in Heaven the whole time I'm here, every time. Best city. Best. [sigh] And it's so gorgeous too.

Oh, before taking off this morning, I bought a couple of issues of the new Ms. Marvel and read the first one. Wow. I think I've just been sucked back into buying comics again. I haven't felt this way about a comic since Sandman. Sooo good. Sooo good.

That said, I'm loving my iPad+keyboard setup. Seriously. Liz happened to casually suggest that we might write, and I was all ready to go. Just reached into my purse, and I had earbuds for music, internet for research, and a wordprocessor. Poof! Best thing ever. I got in 600+ words today without even trying hard. Love that. Really. Oh, I figured out the problem I was having with my keyboard. It was something simple. (I need to turn off the keyboard part every time I log out.) So, haunted keyboard is no longer haunted. Best money I ever spent.

This Saturday, I'll be indulging in my first experience with RollerDerby. Liz says there's a Harry Potter-themed match. It sounds like terrific fun. I can't wait. Now I have to call my husband. He misses my voice. This works out well because I miss his. ;)
[1] I finally bought a copy of Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go. I've been wanting to read that forever.
I have lived in Seattle for 18 years, hopefully for life (well, the husband and I are gafiating to the countryside as soon as is practicable, but we'll still be within an hour of the city). I am glad you are enjoying your visit. :)
it really is one of my favorite cities. it doesn't hurt that it's also filled with some of my favorite people. :)
Your first time eating oysters is a lot like that other first time - miraculous or so-so. Lucky and happy are those whose 1st times are wonderful. I still remember my 1st oyster like it was yesterday.

Well made wine - of any colour - loves most people, drunk in moderation.

Life's too short to drink cheap wine - the motto of my wine club.

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hehehehe. yeah, i suppose so. i don't know, for some reason i'd associated oysters with salty gritty slime. this is not what they were at all. oh, and i've had great inexpensive wine. (that's what i tend to drink.) but i totally get your point and agree.
We have got to go for a Goldtop cider when you get back. Hug Liz for me and tell her I miss her.