Feminist Monday is Caught Without Its Homework

Norwescon was pretty amazing--in case you hadn't noticed. One of the things that is following me home is a gift from Rosie over at Isn't it cool?

Thanks, Rosie! And thanks again for all your hard work. Like I said, I can only handle doing this one day a week. (Rosie does this 24/7. That takes a lot of guts, patience, intelligence, wisdom, and controlled righteous anger. Go you, my dear. Go you.) If you've not visited her website the last few times I've linked to it, you should go over there and take a tour. Great work going on over there like this blog post about rape culture.

So, I don't have the usual collection of links today. I know. I know. But I was working all weekend at Norwescon and... well... I suck at the internet while participating in intense life experiences. And that was an intense life experience. There were some incredible panels (and panelists) for example, I got to meet G. Willow Wilson (who wrote Alif the Unseen, a book that has long been on my ToRead Mountain.[1]) Willow is an amazing person. Just check out her thoughtful essay: "In Defense (Sort Of) Of Randa Jarrar" (scroll down.) It's a great discussion about cultural appropriation versus mutual cultural... inter-sharing (I guess that's a good phrase for what I mean.) Isolationism is every much a problem as cultural appropriation. By the way, The Religion in SF/F panel[2] was brilliant. It had so much potential to go wrong and bad, but totally didn't. Every person on that panel--including the moderator (Hi, Lillian!) totally rocked. Speaking of panel discussions--and ones that were far more appropriate for today... I was on a panel titled The Heroine's Journey. What I found interesting is that we had a hard time determining what the Heroine's Journey is. (And no, it isn't just The Hero's Journey with the genders flipped.) I walked away with the idea that it might have to do with discovering one's power and learning how to keep it while contributing to the well-being of and being a part of community. What are your thoughts?

Oh, by the way, I'm still in Seattle. So, the time zone thing. Yeah. Blog posts will go up later than usual. :)
[1] She's also up for a Philip K. Dick Award this year! (Congrats!) And you know she's behind the new Ms. Marvel, right? RIGHT?!
[2] Where we met.
Not to add Yet Another Book to your ToRead Mountain, but at some point I would love to get your sense of how A Murder of Mages works (or doesn't work) in terms of Heroine's Journey.