It's Not a Tumor!

Doc called this morning. The white blood cell count has recovered, hitting the low side of the healthy mark this time. That's a relief. (I unfortunately looked up the possible causes for a low white blood cell count and... er... it's not pretty.) I suspect the iron pills I've been taking have helped, but it disturbs me that no one is asking why I'm anemic. Just, "Woohoo! Pills work! Carry on." Ooooookay. The vampires will demand regular tribute for a while, apparently. I'm good with that. It's always nice having someone watching, I say. Having faced a Ninja Big Bad before, such things make me twitchy. In other news, the shoulder is plateauing progess-wise which makes writing uncomfortable, but whatever. It's always something. That's life. I'm doing what I can. That's important. I'm also finding it a bit funny that taking care of myself--that is, eating fresh vegetables[1] and drinking that one glass of red wine--feels decadent. Dane doesn't eat like that. Mainly, he doesn't enjoy eating like that. I do. And this has been the crux of my problem ever sinse we met. I feel bad for eating well when he doesn't. Fortunately, we're finally getting it through my thick skull that this is okay. I figure he'll join me eventually. He's younger. He can screw around for a while longer. Getting old sucks, but the alternative sucks worse.

Speaking of, here's an interesting take on "America has the Best Healthcare System in the World":

"Just stop being poor. It's a choice!" Heh. Right. That solves everything. Yeah. Not so much.
[1] Organic. Because my oncologist said so.
I am so happy to hear there's no tumour. That is so important.
I hope you find the cause of the anaemia.
thanks. it's a relief. my great grandma died of leukemia. so, to see that on the list of possible causes was a bit freaky. once your body has staged its first coup it's a pretty good idea to not fully trust that sucker. ;)

i hope you are well.
YEAH for no tumour. Keep taking the pills, Drink GOOD red wine, eat lot's of spinach & other dark green veggies and decent steak, now and again - free range, not pen raised on corn & antibiotics.

Sorry about the shoulder. As I know from my own frustrating experience, that joint can be very stubborn about healing.
PT was much happier with it today. this might be because I iced the living snot out of it for two days--instead of just putting up with it. ;) funny how that works.
Icing is critical to pain management. Frozen peas became my best friend during my time of trial.
i need to get a bag that isn't open and being consumed. :) as it is, i'm using the ice pack from our cooler. laugh, but it works. :)
So glad there isn't a tumour! I tend to eat more healthily than my (younger) husband, though I have turned him on to some things over the years. I want him to be around for many more years. :D
we're fighting the same fight, i see. i tend to win him over with things like sauce. he eats sauce without even questioning what's in it. ;) thus, he'll now eat my maranara sauce and indian food with no complaint.