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I want to explain something real quick-like. For the record, there was an American in a sister author's FB feed yesterday who was actually equating the response from those objecting to Jonathan Ross working as a host at this year's World Con with terrorism and violence. No. I'm not making this up. This is why I phrased things as I did yesterday. Mind you, I haven't been at the recieving end for the avalanche of internet unhappy over this issue. (Although, I have been the target for an internet pile-on/bullying session regarding something different.) But I'm damned sure stating you feel uncomfortable or fearful about something isn't the same thing as a terrorist act. I find it interesting that when a minority group says they're uncomfortable they're told to shut up, deal with it and stop being big babies, but when the main group in power is uncomfortable heaven and earth must be moved to prevent it because OMG! It's terrible! Double standards much? And that's the last I'll say on that because it's time for it to die-die-die now.

And now for something completely different... Gothic Lolita goes... METAL:

You're welcome.
Babymetal has been earworming me for a couple days, since they showed up on Metafilter. I actually like "Ijime, Dame, Zetai" ("bullying, no more, absolutely") better than "Gimme Choco(late)," but they are both surprisingly compelling. Their concert videos are all generally better than the official music videos.

Why, yes, I am behind on a deadline. Why do you ask?

The internet has this way of filling up with Interesting Things in direct proportion to how much I need to get done Right Now. It's almost as if it's responsive to my needs.

---L. I'd completely forgotten about the existence of Babymetal. Thanks for the reminder, and also for the distraction from certain things currently occurring on the internet...
I didn't know how to think about the Ross thing because I thought he was really appropriate for a comicon, given the documentary he did on Steve Ditko. He seemed to honestly address the sketchy parts of Ditko's libertarian, vigilante fantasies. But after looking into the past decade of Morning-Zoo style stunts and other douchey bits it seems that Ross jumped willingly into the celebrity bad-boy chest-bumping that has turned so much of the media, even British media, into an unwatchable, shallow, shitshow of corrupt and mean-spirited bullying. If he's only held accountable for the misogynistic portions of that garbage, that's a fine start, not a terrorist act.

When people in power—or their followers—start talking about how they are victims of genocide and murder when they are clearly suffering no such act or even a credible threat of such, we have to wonder just exactly what it is they think about all day, and what they are themselves planning.
[fist bump] Yeah.

But largely I keep thinking, "So, either you're Mr. ToughGuy who can handle anything, or your the Special Snowflake whose power structure can't handle the slightest criticism less it melt away. Make up your mind. Which is it? You can't have it both ways, jackass."
Now I have to walk things back a bit, because while my clever punchline felt satisfying, technically it violated Wendig's Rule 3.

I guess a better statement of the problem is that for twenty years these folks have chosen to consume only messages that bounce between the bumpers of "terrorism", "crime", "those people", and "liberals", so it's their own fault that they don't have any middle gears. That doesn't mean they are a brainwashed sleeper army for the next fascist coup; they can choose at any time to abandon the hive.

It's a good thing that these people are able to try out their ideas, as individuals, on the opposition over the internet. The fact that any push back isn't "exactly like murder" should eventually tarnish the attraction of that kind of rhetoric, and make Ailes-vision less interesting for people who are capable of noticing that disconnect.

Your point about the fragility of the Iron Will (an unstoppable force of authority that is LITERALLY murdered, possibly even CENSORED, by the slightest opposition) is the real punchline. I anticipate that the Ailesians who've truly drunk the Kool-Aid will dig themselves out of their Berlin bunker into a post-culture-war mood that says, "straight white men didn't win, so now let's punish those who failed us. Punishment battalions for everyone!" That's fine. As a straight white man I've always known that the people who ultimately have it in for me are other straight white men and their "join us or be cast out" mentality. I've developed a similar attitude myself, but it's more of a "I'll join the rest of the world and allow you cast yourselves IN."
mr. "omg! they're terrorists for objecting!" has already started with the "omg! science fiction is dyyyyyying and shrinking!!!" to which i replied, "actually, no. it's expanding. however, the old guard is resisting the expansion. thus, publishers are coming up with ways around this. for instance the "new adult" line of science fiction and fantasy."

Your point about the fragility of the Iron Will (an unstoppable force of authority that is LITERALLY murdered, possibly even CENSORED, by the slightest opposition) is the real punchline.

thanks. :)