Blood and Donuts... er... Coffee and Angry Mobs

Me: "Damn it!"
Dane: "What's wrong?"
Me: "I've a blood test today. No coffee. I hate this."
Dane: "Perhaps it'd be best for you to think of coffee as a pony."
Me: "You're a cruel, cruel man, sir."

Dane: "You're staring at the shiny box. This is getting you no closer to the vampires and the coffee."

Yeah. That's over and done. Again. Thank the Gods. Hopefully, they'll figure out what's wrong with me or something. This probably seems a bit ridiculous from the outside, but as a former cancer patient I tend to react differently than I used to. And one of the words one never wants to hear from a person in a white coat is, "Huh. Isn't that interesting?" Anyway, the vampires have had their snack. I had a salad for dinner yesterday and have since discovered that I adore a good vingarette and walnuts on my salad. Buh-bye Ranch Dressing. I shall not miss you after all. However, I'm concerned because other than that, I've not got a lot of crap to cut out of my diet. I'm largely already doing the things the doc wants me to do, and I started that back in January. I strongly suspect this is one of those hereditary things and has little to do with diet. I guess I'll worry about it in three months... or whenever it is they get back to me with the lab results. I do hope the vampires are done snacking for a while, however.

In other news, the internet is angry. Well, that's not news, is it? Thing is, it's angry at the wrong people, and frankly causing more harm. I like what Chuck Wendig had to say about it--particularly #3. Here's the thing: we need to make space for healing to take place, and part of the process of healing is anger. (After 5 years of therapy, I did in fact learn this.) If you can't process the anger, you get stuck in the anger stage and spin your wheels. That's why the establishment needs to make space for anger from marginalized groups. Anger is part of the healing process. Change is rarely comfortable because of it. After years and years of being told to shut up and put up with crap, women are openly speaking out in SFF circles. For the record, this challenges women and makes them uncomfortable too. We have been programmed to go along with oppression, btw. We even oppress one another. Oppression is a complex system. This is why it's been with humanity for so long. Me? I'll be happy for the day when women bringing up a problematic issue isn't met with 400 tons of SFF Establishment Drama. I'll also be happy when women and other minority groups don't have to be screaming bloody angry in order to get attention to the problems that need fixing. We're all human beings. Yes. What's wrong with respecting that? What's wrong with speaking up? This can be done without all the drama, but it can only be done if there's a safe space for emotions without the threat of more harm. We have to learn to fight intelligently. It is possible to do so. It costs nothing to say, "I hear you." It costs nothing to understand that their feelings are valid--because they are. It doesn't mean that you agree with them. I've seen this in a lot of negotiations. Ultimately, people need to be heard. Once they understand they are being heard with respect, you'd be surprised by how rapidly that defuses a tense situation. But you know what doesn't work? Telling them they're dirtbags or terrorists for daring to speak out.

Again, I don't think the marginalized are at fault for having justified emotions. I do blame SFF establishment for creating more harm by lashing back. The establishment needs to be big enough human beings to allow the marginalized space to process their pain and anger without judgement. That's how this situation gets worked out.
Save us from being interesting to our medical professionals...

With the variety of weird/uncommon that I've had over the years, I'd told many of my doctors that I'm here to keep the medical community on its collective toes. If I don't laugh....
Heh. I'm so sorry. No one should be consistantly in that space. I'm not, thank the Gods. In any case, here's hoping your medical issues become less interesting. :)
They aren't too bad for me these days - everything is mostly under control - there were a few things that took FOREVER and ALL THE TESTS to come to a treatment, if not a diagnosis [well, it's clearly related to X, so if we stop X, the pain should stop]. Right now, it's my mom, the multiple myeloma, and the heart disease. She's got great doctors, but it's 6 years after the initial MM diagnosis and it's finally sinking in that this isn't a cancer that can be cured or cut out of the body.
Along with "interesting" goes "I've never seen anything like it" [hematoma in my left sphenoid cavity - only my ENT had a clue - should have gone to him first ]
Definitely not fun. But I've had good insurance and excellent doctors throughout so I'm very aware that it could have been much much worse. Although I still reserve the right to bitch on occasion :)
I apologize for intruding, but this was the only LJ post I found via search that really had something to do with myeloma.

My boyfriend was just diagnosed with stage 3 multiple myeloma and I have a hard time coping. It is encouraging to hear that your mom is still around 6 years after the initial diagnosis. I hope she will continue to do well, even though there is no cure at this point.

All the best to you and your family!!!
I am sorry about the diagnosis. It's a sucky cancer. Please feel free to email me if you want to talk about it.

cats dot rocks at gmail dot com
hey, don't worry about it. i'm happy that you found sillybird and can talk with someone for support. all the best.
I am now imagining the wait for this test to be completed as a trial on par with the pain box from Dune.