King Cake for Breakfast

Happy Fat Tuesday, y'all! In celebration, I really am having King Cake for breakfast. (Hey, a girl has to live a little once in a while.) Meanwhile, in NOLA, it's cold and wet. I suspect that's not going to put a damper on things...

Bad Shoulder is slowwwwwwly getting better but not fast enough for my Physical Therapist. Am going to have to go back to the doctor. (The PT says he thinks my shoulder was frozen, after all, and was in a state of thawing when I came to see him.) I have to see the doc again anyway. My blood test didn't give her the happy. Nothing serious. Just ye old white blood cell count. Again. (That's been going on for months, really.) The vampires want to double-check for errors--because twice isn't enough, I guess. Since I've been having problems with anemia, color me not surprised. I need to walk more and eat better, not a shocker there. Okay. Enough with the health crap. :)

Time to wrap up the last of the edits for the Lightspeed essay. It was a bit of a struggle for me because of the "expert on feminism" implication. The interesting thing for me about all this is that I don't write the Feminist Monday posts because I feel I'm some sort of authority. I'm not. I never took a Gender Studies course at the university. (Although, I did look up the texts they were using at UT a few years back and read them. Yes, I'm that serious about self-education.) I make this shit up as I go along as it were, and I do it because I feel I must. I was raised in a misogynist household. Therefore, a misogynist was installed in my brain at birth. I have to watch myself carefully, or I'll work against myself in very harmful ways.[1] Once again, I write so passionately to convince that inner voice to shut up. Others have less to do with it. Which is why I stumble a bit whenever someone comes to me. I'm happy to help out. I'm happy to talk and write. But everyone should be very clear that I'm not an expert, and I'll make mistakes. That has to be okay. If it isn't, I'm not your girl. That said, I'm sure Lightspeed is clear on this. I'm just explaining to everyone else, you know? I'm running with the Feminist Flag because I took it up something like 17 years ago--back when the young women I knew started referring to Feminism as if it were a dirty word. I saw then that it needed championing or else women's rights would be lost. (Sometimes I do hate being right.) I've stuck with it because my fiction is political. It's part of my identity as an author. I'm very careful to not cross into propaganda levels of politics. That's not my focus.

It's also unethical.

Let me explain a bit. I feel that propaganda is what happens when the author dictates the audience's response. In other words, when the author tells the audience how to feel and think. I like military fiction. A lot. I read the Hornblower series, the Sharp series,  and  a lot of nonfiction about the Vietnam and Korean wars. I like military SF in particular. Action movies? Oh, Hell yes! Growing up during the Vietnam War, soldiers and war featured pretty heavily in my childhood experiences. Understand, I didn't do so on a military base. My father had a heart murmur so serious they didn't think he'd live past age 30, but I knew enough ex-military (and the entire Boomer generation consisted largely of that) that it affected me. Yes, I'm a bit of a hippy who borders quite closely to pacifist. War shouldn't be glorified. However, I never felt good about how soldiers were treated in the 70s. So, call me conflicted. Personally, I think that's the best place to be. The issue of war is complicated. That's part of what makes it so interesting to me. That said, I make it a personal rule to not dictate to readers how they should feel. I do believe in making readers think. It's my favorite part of SFF--this thoughtful discourse with readers. Being entertained and educated at the same time is also my favorite thing. Being spoken to like a child and told how to feel? Not so much. I imagine readers feel much the same way. Therefore, I keep that in mind when I write. It's okay to feel passionately about things. It's okay to stand up for what you believe. It's not okay to tell people what their feelings are.

Heh. Today's ramble brought to you by the letters "C" and "S"[2] and the number "4."

[1] Which is, by the way, the reason why hard core Libertarian and other right wing philosophies being embraced by anyone without a couple of million stashed away somewhere disturbs me so much.
[2] For caffeine and sugar. ;)
thanks! i hope you're doing well. i've been thinking about you a lot these days. i was very sorry to hear about your cat. :(
and many hugs back at you. i really hope i can go to londoncon. although, it's too late to be on panels or anything, i'm sure. i'll be lucky to get a ticket and lodging at this point.