I finished my red cap!

Yeah, yeah. I suck at selfies. Do you know how hard it is to take a photo of the back of your head? Next, I need to make a pink one. After that, I think I'll be ready to make a hat for my sister. (That pattern has cable knit bits in it. Yikes.)
A proper red hat is always colored by dipping it in the blood of its victims.
Cables really seemed far more intimidating in theory than they are in practice, for me. And they are really pretty.

Now, picking up stitches in the edge of a heel flap? THAT is still my least favorite bit of knitting socks. I dislike it more than Kitchener stitch/grafting the toes. UGH.
I can understand that.

Meanwhile I've got a friend who does huge intricate lace things and I'm just 'nope'. And a relative does her own celtic knot patterns in stranded color knitting. That's straight up an arcane art I can't even get my head around.

Hats. Socks. Not very complicated shawls. That's my wheelhouse.

And that's a very snazzy hat, btw.
i just want to get good enough to make my own cable knit sweaters and cardagans. nothing more complex than that, really.

thanks! it's my first. :)