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Just for Fun

Spending so much of our married life flat broke, Dane and I have developed our own take on date night. Dane likes to search for films for us to watch together. (He even hunts for bad movies for us to get drunk and make stupid MS3TK commentary on together. It keeps me on my toes. He's really good at the zingers.) He also likes good romantic comedies. It's one of the things I love about him. So, last night, he cued up a silly rom-com that he'd recorded. It's called What's Your Number? It's well-written, fun, and has some great moments in it. I think the thing I liked about it most was that the main character, Ally, wasn't your typical rom-com protagonist. She was kind of a goof and did things that the male characters usually do.* The film was set in Boston (one of my favorite cities.) Anna Faris has an excellent sense of comedic timing. Dane said something about how that was rare. I corrected him. "Women are every bit as funny as men. The trouble is, Hollywood expects women to be perfect. Comedians tend to be a little goofy-looking because you don't develop a sense of humor on the epic scale required to be professionally funny unless you've spent most of your life being funny. Most people only use humor when younger to compensate. Perfectly pretty girls rarely have to depend on humor. Think about it. Madeline Kahn, Phyllis Diller, Gilda Radner--none fit the beauty standard. How many comedian males are drop dead gorgeous? Hollywood is okay with men being goofy-looking. Much, much less so when it comes to women." He thought about it for a second and then agreed. Anyway, in the movie Chris Evans (Captain America) plays Ally's neighbor, Colin Shea.** We reached the first scene where he opens his door dressed in nothing but a washcloth. (He holds it over his naughty bits.) The film commentary suddenly went like this:

Me: "Whoa."
Dane: "I thought you'd like this film. Naked Captain America."
Me: "Nice. Thanks, love!"
Dane: "See? Man ass. I'm looking out for you."
Me: "Can we move to Boston? I wanna live in that apartment building."
Dane: "No."
Me: "Aw. Come on. It'll be great. Hell-llo neighbor."
Dane: "No."
Me: "You never let me have any fun."
Dane: "Or ponies."
Me: "Mine is a life filled with woe. Or in this case, whoa."

(Ladies, Chris Evans answers the door like that at least three times.*** You know, that alone makes it worth watching.)
* Being a gi-normous goof myself, I appreciate that.
** Oh, yeah. :)
*** Actually, I kind of lost count.
thanks for that. i loved gilda. she was wonderful. she was a movie star, and she was flat-chested, scrawny, and had fuzzy hair just like me. she made me feel it was okay to be those things. that eventually when i grew up it would be okay to not be like everyone else. she made me feel hopeful.
I remember reading somewhere that, back in the 60s, Phyllis Diller did a Playboy photo shoot. But the idea was to have it be something of a joke... until they discovered that out of her oversized housefrau costume and crazy hair, she was a total knockout. Diller had actually made a specific point of obscuring her looks so she would be taken seriously in comedy.
My husband and I have similar convos over movies, with some differences - but similarly cute. :)
yayyayayayay! a couple of friends of mine insist that real people don't talk like that. they get weirded out when i told him that dane and i do.