Swim, Mermaid, Swim

Had social time with my friend Annaliese yesterday. It was pretty wonderful. We went vintage shopping, and I finally got to put that steel-boned corset I've always wanted on Lay-Away at Secret Oktober. (I do like exchanging clothes I don't wear for clothes I will wear.) Annaliese introduced me to a shop I'd never seen before, and I showed her two that I used to frequent before the great financial meltdown. Then we chatted at her place for a few hours over tea. She's working on finishing a few more of her mermaid photos. (Liz Argall and Liz Gorinsky were models.) The photos are just breath-taking. It amuses me to see someone with such tremendous talent be so unsure of herself in regards to her art. It reminds me that it's silly to hide one's work away like that. (I relate to her in so many ways.) Also, it's a big sign when you walk into someone's house and see so many of the same exact books on the shelves. Seriously. Awesome. I met Simon, her S.O., and he's every bit as wonderful as I imagined he'd be. I can't wait to get the four of us together for dinner and drinks. It'll be fun. I told Dane it was so amazing to know people who were making it as full-time career artists. (She's a photographer, and he's a musician.) In the U.S., art is treated as a luxury not a career. Annanliese told me that Joss Whedon is the first third generation Hollywood scriptwriter. I believe it. It's sad what America does to her creatives. It should be treated as the vocation it is, not just a hobby. Think about it. If someone dabbled in electronics, they'd be encouraged to go into electrical engineering on the spot. Not so with art, music, dance, and literature. Anyway, I told Dane how happy I was to be making friends who were also creative types. He said I know a lot of creative types. And I do. (Theater creative types in particular, but only because of Gray and his wife, Lara.) Creatives need creatives, I think. It enriches creativity through cross-pollination.

I want to write about mermaids. (Thanks, Annaliese.)

I want to take up drawing again and painting. I need to. I also need to get back to playing guitar. It's difficult for me but fun. So much dancing to do. I feel like I've held my breath for so long--too long. It's time for that to pass. It's time to live more art. I've gotten a lot done regarding writing--and that's been great, but I need more. There's a lot inside of me that needs airing out for the sake of the whole, but moving in general is a little scary.

I need to take the plunge and make an art museum day soon.

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