Books and Things

Check out the Books We're Thankful For podcast at SF Signal. It was recorded the day before (American) Thanksgiving. I think it's funny that people keep trying to make me pick the ONE book and I just never can. Speaking of books, I finished reading Libba Bray's The Diviners last night and it was really good. That whole 1920s era Urban Fantasy thing is really cool. And she does a brilliant job of showing she's done her research without showing her research. (That's pretty challenging. Trust me.) Knowing that the Big Crash of 1929 is ahead adds to the tension, and I liked how she's linking world events with the preternatural. Seriously, good stuff. (Like that's a shocker. It's Libba. Heh.)

Made very little progress on The Fey and the Fallen novella yesterday. It was just one of those days when the inner critic won out. However, my research is dovetailing nicely with the story. I love when that happens. Thank goodness I bought that copy of Derry Memories by Philip Cunningham. In my usual overly thorough way, I'd gotten it to have something to help with Liam's background. (Not much of the first and second books are set in Derry, but enough to make the book a good idea to have around.) As it turned out, much of the memoir is set in the 1940s and 1950s--too early to have done me much good for Liam. I read it anyway and stuck it on my research bookshelf. Here we are a couple of years later, and it came in very handy indeed when writing about Kathleen, Liam's mother. Which reminded me that since I'm planning on continuing with this series I need to keep collecting information. I never know when I'll need it, and frankly, a lot of this stuff isn't easy to find. (That isn't going to get easier as time goes by, I'm thinking.) Anyway since I love music and like incorporating it into my work, it was great discovering Derry's Dancehalls of Romance by Willie Deery. As it happens, Derry had a hopping rock and roll/show band scene. When? 1955. The year Kathleen O'Byrne would've met a mysterious fellow named Bran and fell in love with him.