It's 11:30pm. Do you know where Stina is?

My sister kidnapped me and whisked me away to the Texas Ren Faire in Magnolia this morning. That was pretty wonderful. Mostly spent our time shopping. (Like we do at Faire.) Alas, Dane wasn't there. So, I was on my best behavior. No kilted young men were pinched by me. Nope. Not even once. (Although, I came mighty close once. He was just that tempting.) Proof positive that clothing doesn't control other people's behavior. [cough] Food was eaten. Cider was consumed. (Although, not very much.) The Dread Pirate Roberts was seen. My sister said, "Nee!" to a knight, and he chuckled. I got dubbed "Wiggles." Which was followed up with: "If YOU walked like that, I'd call you Wiggles too." (I was wearing a big foofy skirt with bells. You have to skip and jump and wiggle in those. It's practically a law.) And I skipped and danced around too very confused Beefeaters. Got a card reading. Helped my sister find her car without the assistance of ex-husbands and otherwise had a really lovely time.

I'm exhausted. Too bad I have to get up and drive to San Marcos in the morning. ;)