Wednesday with Poison

It's Wednesday. Let's Have Some Links.

SFWA (the Science Fiction Fantasy Writers of America) has posted an interview with me. The awesome Cat Rambo asked some great questions which got me to thinking and rambling as usual. If you're curious, have a look. Also, my publisher, Night Shade Books, is having a 50% off sale. Run over there and scoop up some terrific books for half price while the getting is good.

Today, I'll post a couple of links about Amazon. They worry me for a whole stack of reasons, not the least of which is their world domination agenda. Monopolies are not good for anyone long term. Period. However, I have huge problems with a business seeking to dominate a market which they care nothing about. Anyway, here's what Charles Stross has to say on the subject of Amazon and publishing. And if you're unclear as to why I'd have the impression that Amazon is strip-mining publishing to humanity's detriment, I'll provide this article about knock-off titles appearing on Amazon. As romantic as film makes the days of the Wild West sound, it really wasn't all that pleasant for those who had to live in it -- any more than feudalism was fabulous for the peasants.

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