Vincent Price

Hugo Awards Announcements and Other Stuff

Jeff VanderMeer interviewed a number of the Hugo and Campbell Award nominees on the morning of the announcements. I was thrilled to be one of them. To be honest, the Campbell Award nomination still feels a little unreal, but that seems to be part of my process when it comes to great news. There's the initial excitement -- for the record, I screamed when I got the email -- followed by a period of unreality. (Really? They can't mean me, surely? This is actually happening to a more talented author with the same name, and they'll clear up the mistake shortly.) And while the extended stay in Seattle lengthened the sense of unreality, it also solidified the  whole thing. (Thanks to Mary Robinette Kowal, who clearly understands how things work. Bless her. She kept bringing up the nomination at random times. As a result, it helped me wrap my head around it. She's a marvelous person, is Ms. Two Time Hugo Nominee.) I'm extremely happy and excited to be included in such an impressive roster of authors. This is a dream come true. Hopefully, I'll be able to get the other Campbell Nominees to drop in here and talk about their experiences too. We'll see. :)

On a downer note, my mom was bitten by a copperhead snake while I was away. Apparently, a nest of them lives under the gazebo in front of their log cabin. Three of the suckers (huge ones too) were in the path between the house and the truck. Mom stepped on one, and it bit her on the ankle. She says the other two chased her and dad to the house. (That's very aggressive behavior for copperheads.) Anyway, dad got mom to the hospital in time. They had to transport her to another hospital for treatment, but she got the anti-venom in time. She said it took at least four doses. They kept her overnight, but she's home now and doing well. The swelling is down. I need to go see her, but I'm too exhausted to even think about the three hour drive. Ugggh. Am so very, very glad she's going to be fine and that there'll be no lasting damage. Naturally, I told her to stop wrestling snakes. I mean, mom is a bad ass and all but even bad asses have their limits.

I seem to have brought some Seattle rain back with me. Who would've thought I could squeeze it into that over-stuffed suitcase? Hopefully, the Texas sunshine I left behind is still doing its work in the pacific northwest. Sebastian skipped the angry phase and went straight to the gloomy oh-my-gods-you-abandoned-me-i-shall-now-sit-on-you-to-prevent-farther-travel phase. Much husband snuggling has commenced as well -- like it does. :)