Wednesday with Poison

Feminist Monday

A couple of links for you. First, from the New York Times The Second Shelf, an article about how female writers' works are often treated differently than men's even if the topics are the same. "If “The Marriage Plot,” by Jeffrey Eugenides, had been written by a woman yet still had the same title and wedding ring on its cover, would it have received a great deal of serious literary attention? Or would this novel (which I loved) have been relegated to “Women’s Fiction,” that close-quartered lower shelf where books emphasizing relationships and the interior lives of women are often relegated?" If you still harbor doubts as to whether or not female writers are as deserving of praise as males, here's an older article from Harper's Magazine which demonstrates that it's almost impossible to tell the difference once the gender of the author is hidden.

Lastly, here's a thought-provoking post by Foz Meadows about default narrative sexism in fantasy and sci-fi.
"Writing a story where your heroine is either the lone woman in her field or one of an elite few ladies? Then tell me why! If she’s battling uphill against an entrenched culture of sexism, show it to us – don’t just rely on inference."

This is the very thing I tried to do with Maradaine Constabulary. Whether or not I succeeded, well... I guess we'll see.
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